Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sending Windows Console Message

Windows Me or 9x comes with one handy network chatting program called Winpopup. Simple GUI allows user at one computer to chat over the network with counterparts sitting at another networked Windows.

However, there is not similar Winpopup replacement for Windows 2000 and above. There are two ways to send a message, better known as console message or Windows Alerts, to networked system running Windows 2000 and above.

  1. Via the Computer Management window

    1. Right-click on the My Computer icon on Desktop
    2. Click on the Manage option from the pop up context menu
    3. Click on the Action menu of Computer Management window
    4. Goto All Tasks option
    5. Click on the Send Console Message... option to call up Send Console Message window.

      Sending console message or Windows Alerts via the Send Console Message GUI.

  2. Via Command Prompt

    1. Click on the Start button
    2. Click on the Program menu
    3. Click on the Accessories menu
    4. Click on the Command Prompt application
    5. At the Command Prompt window, type

      net send "testing messages"

      to send a messages "testing messages" to PC with IP address.

      It is possible to replace IP address with DNS name or domain name to send console message to all workstations of the said domain.
    6. Type net help send for more syntax and usage information.

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Anonymous said...

Quicker way to access the command prompt: Windows logo + R, type cmd and press enter.

Also, net send is not available on Vista, so you might want to revamp this article using the msg command.