Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Restart VNC Remotely

Opsss! Can't VNC over to remote hosts!

Might need to restart the VNC server, but how?

  • Restart Windows-based (Windows 2000 and above) VNC server

    1. Right-click the My Computer icon on Desktop

    2. Click the Manage option from the pop up context menu

    3. Click the Action menu of the Computer Management windows

    4. Click the Connect to another computer... option

    5. Type the IP address or DNS name of the target PC running the VNC server

    6. Enter the login authentication info when prompt

    7. After connect successfully, click the Services and Applications on the left panel.

    8. Click the Services option

    9. Search for VNC Server service on the right panel, right-click on it, and click Restart option to restart the VNC server.

  • Restart Linux-base VNC daemon

    1. Telnet or ssh over to target host that running the VNC daemon

    2. Type the command vncserver -kill:1 to kill the VNC daemon running on DISPLAY:1, for example.

    3. Type vncserver :1 to bring up the VNC daemon running on DISPLAY:1 again.

    4. To ensure VNC daemon startup listening for connection, type

      netstat -ant | grep 5901

      where 5901 is the legacy VNC daemon listening port of DISPLAY:1 in the previous step. If the port is open and listening means that VNC daemon is up and running successfully.
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Matthew said...

Very helpful. I've never used the connect to another computer feature before. But I still can't restart the VNC Server...there is an error while trying to restart or stop the service, and then the service status shows "Stopping" until the box is rebooted. Ah well, time to do some more searching.