Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Repair Corrupted Windows Boot.ini

Boot up to Windows Recovery Console and execute command bootcfg to repair corrupted or recreate missing Windows boot.ini file.

The bootcfg command able to scan hard disks for installation of Windows NT 4.0 and above and then add them to existing boot.ini file. The command also able to rebuild a new boot.ini file if one does not exist.

A brief of bootcfg command usage and syntax

  • bootcfg /add scans the computer for Windows systems installed (for example Windows 2000 and Windows XP in a dual boot setup), displays the results to choose and add it to the Boot menu.
  • bootcfg /rebuild iterates through all Windows installations found in the PC, allows user to specify which installations to rebuild the boot.ini file.
  • bootcfg /list reads the boot.ini file and displays the operating system identifier, the operating system load options, and the operating system location (path).
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