Sunday, October 15, 2006

Linux Command To Confirm Bad Sector

Hard disk being one of the vital components in computer system. Unfortunately, hard disk is also being one of the most high risk and sensitive components that is prone to failures, owed to the fact of mechanical subsystem attached!

The Linux command badblocks could be used to run bad sector burn-in test on a new or suspected faulty hard disk. Just get a low end PC or server installed with Linux OS, attach the target hard disk to the IDE or SCSI bus, and run the badblocks command on the target hard disk. For example,

badblocks -svw -t random -p 3 /dev/sdb

get badblocks to perform three rounds of destructive write of random data to the second SCSI hard disk.

Be careful! The option switch -w performs destructive write. Never use this option switch on a partition with filesystem. Instead, use -n to perform non-destructive read-write on a partition with filesystem!

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