Monday, September 04, 2006

Windows Media Player Play All Files

Windows Media Player to play real media, quicktime, 3gp, mp3, avi, divx, in fact all known multimedia file formats! No more "codec not found to play this file" kind of problem with a super codec pack called Storm Codec!

Windows Media Player that is installed by default should able to play all digital media file formats of today digital world! It cannot play a digital media file simply because it does not find the codec, which is the real engine that decode that multimedia file format. Having say that, a player is just the graphical interface (frontend) of codec that present to user the equalizer, volume control, playing option, viewer windows, etc. It is the codec that really interpreting the multimedia file and not the graphical interface (the "player")!

So, why installing Real Media player, QuickTime player, Winamp, etc? Instead of installing too many multimedia players (the frontend), install only the different codecs will do the job! Disk space should not be a problem to install bulk of these multimedia players with today hard disk capacity. However, fewer such players installed means less messy and burden to Windows registry, lower the risk of DLL conflict, and a better system performance!

Storm Codec is the answer! It is a freeware, non-adware, stable super codec pack that allow Windows Media Player to play most (if not all) known multimedia formats (quicktime, real media, 3gp, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg3, mpeg4, wav, xvid, ogg, aac, etc)! The Storm Codec installer, however, install a GNU GPL player called Media Player Classic (MPC). You may bind all the digital media file formats with this player. Alternative, select "None" for not binding with MPC and manually binding digital media file formats to Windows Media Player.

If there is a digital media file format that cannot be played properly, use the bundled program called Gspot to investigate what codec is needed and revisit Storm Codec home page to check for upgrade availability.

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