Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sharing Big File With File Splitter

Email a big file of few megabytes as attachment is never a good idea as it will likely to hang up the email server. Because of that, most email servers are likely configured to not relay or process email with non friendly attachment too. If it is really need to email such attachment,

  • Split the file into pieces of smaller size with file splitter such as File Chopper.
  • Compress the file to highest possible compression ratio and creating span disk (support by most zip utilities such as WinRar & Power Archiver)
  • Upload the file to public file server such as and that offers file sharing services.
    CAUTION! It is better to zip the files with strong encryption before uploading to any public file sharing providers. Zip the files with encryption helps to reduce file size as well as protect sensitive data from the eyes of non expected readers!
  • Combination of the three method - split the file, compress it with password encryption, and host the split-compressed file to public file server.

    File splitter is preferable than span disk feature of zip utilities as file split could be rejoined with Windows built-in command whereas "span disk" require the receiving end to have similar zip program installed.
Related information:
  • File Chopper is a tiny file splitter program that able to chop a file into arbitrary file size and automatically generate a MS-DOS batch file used to rejoin the pieces of file back to its original file. The batch file is using Windows built in DOS copy command to do the job. For example, typing
    copy /b File.1 + File.2 WholeFile.exe
    to rejoin split files called File.1 and File.2 back to its original and workable file called WholeFile.exe
  • only allow unlimited download at certain countries or registered users only. Downloading speed is quite fast as at time of writing.
  • works similar to
  • Using Lycos Mail account. The redesign of Lycos Mail upgraded to allow unlimited attachment size as claimed in its official site, provided not exceeding the default 3GB email storage space allocated to each email account. Although, the recipient's email system might not accepting such emails with huge attachment size. So, use Lycos Mail to send email with unlimited attachment size only to recipient's Lycos Mail email account! Perhaps, this is the Lycos Mail's intention to get more users to attach with Lycos Mail and not the others like Yahoo! Mail or Gmail!
  • Search more related info with Google Search engine built-in

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