Monday, September 25, 2006

Internet Explorer Turns FTP Browser

FTP is a legacy file transfer protocol that has been widely used since the day of networked computing.

Other than using the serious typing of command line FTP client, such as the standard FTP client offers by all Windows system, Internet Explorer able to serve as GUI FTP browser too!

Follow these simple steps to turn IE into a graphical FTP client:

  1. Click the Tools menu from Internet Explorer,
  2. Click on Internet Options,
  3. Click the Advanced tab,
  4. Check the check box labeled as "Enable Folder View For FTP Sites",
  5. Check the check box labeled as "Use Passive FTP". Set this option only if the PC is behind a firewall.
  6. Click OK button to complete the setting.
  7. Now, IE is ready to serve as graphical FTP browser. For example, type ftp://keith@ in the IE address bar and press ENTER to instruct IE connect to FTP server using FTP user account keith. Enter the password when prompt.
  8. Click OK and wait. After successful authentication, an interface similar to Windows Explorer shown. Copy files or folders as usual!
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