Monday, August 28, 2006

Ethernet Cable Pin-out Configuration

It is not a must to have a hub or switch to connect two PCs or servers for networking purpose!

As long as both computer system able to talk on TCP/IP protocol and the network interface cards are functioning, these two computer system could be networked via a crossover Ethernet CAT-5 cable! In fact, crossover cable is also used to link up (stacking) 2 switches or hubs together.

Crossover Ethernet Cable Pin-out Configuration
The maximum length of Ethernet cable should not more than 100 meter to avoid signal loss (unstable network connection).

Pin NumberRJ45 (EIA/TIA 568B Color Code)RJ45 (EIA/TIA 568A Color Code)Pin Signal
1Orange WhiteGreen WhiteTransmit +
2OrangeGreenTransmit -
3Green WhiteOrange WhiteReceive +
5Blue WhiteBlue White
6GreenOrangeReceive -
7Brown WhiteBrown White

Where is pin 1 position at RJ45?
Diagram below showing pin 1 position at RJ45 jack and pin 1 position at RJ45 plug respectively

Where is pin 1 at RJ45 jack and RJ45 plug
To network more than two computer systems, a hub or switch is a must. A straight Ethernet cable (not the crossover Ethernet cable) must be used to linked up a computer system to either switch or hub. As the name imply, a straight Ethernet cable has same RJ-45 pin-out configuration at both end of the CAT-5 cable, either by using EIA/TIA-568A standard or EIA/TIA-568B standard.

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