Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Escape To Cameron Highlands

Thinks of escaping from the hustle and bustle of city life or the hottest summer? Take a trip to Cameron Highlands! One of the few highlands resorts in West Malaysia, filling with cool breeze and freshen ionized air, virgin rain forest, greenly tea plant, beautiful flower and strawberry farm, miscellaneous vegetable farm, attractive dawn and romantic sunset from the peak of Gunung Brinchang, antique English church and smoke house, waterfall, jungle trekking...Another peace of life heaven for natural lovers!

Dawn of Cameron Highlands
Boh tea farm at Cameron Highlands
Orang asli, or native resident, at Cameron Highlands
Vegetables farm of Cameron Highlands
Air-conditioned coach available daily from KL Pudu station, with an intermediate stop at Tapah small town before heading to the Tanah Rata. While at Tapah, don't forget visit to the bamboo basket factory, which had been one of the main source of income for the Tapahan. It has been a sunset industry when the farmers from Cameron Highlands abandoned to use bamboo basket for their vegetables packing. Asam Laksa and fried kuey teow are still the famous food in the town. The lovers restaurant at the Sungai Tapah river bank or the rest house at its opposite hilltop could be nice chit-chat venue too.

Omnibus services, some are air-conditioned, running daily from Tapah town to Cameron Highlands too. Don't worry about the drivers' skill. They all trained to drive you through the curly road from Tapah to Cameron Highlands. The only thing to worry is whether you will vomit in the coach. Before boarding, prepare some soul junks that help to lighten vomit feel!

Omnibus schedule from Tapah to Cameron Highlands:
0800am, 0915am, 1030am, 1115am, 0130pm, 0300pm, 0430pm, 0600pm

Omnibus schedule from Cameron Highlands to Tapah:
0730am, 0800am, 0900am, 1030am, 1130am, 0115pm, 0315pm, 0415pm, 0530pm

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